Week Notes: August 2, 2020

Where will we go?

Physically, that is. The COVID economy devastated the American workforce but made its Zoom-professional class more mobile. The latter group are those whose jobs can be done remotely. Without offices requiring their presence, those without other obligations are free to go. I’m lucky to count myself in that group: the big G is letting its employees roam free until the next summer. So: if you could conceivably go anywhere in the U.S., where to?

Sometimes I wish I was still a rock climber. The thrill of moving fast in the high mountains, in acting my part on a beautiful stage, was grand. But I don’t want to fall off a mountain: it usually kills you. And if it doesn’t, I like my skeleton just how it is now. But being an active climber would make my living choices easier: just go to the mountains! Well, my friend did just that, and he’ll be working in Boulder soon. Great outdoor life there, from what I’m told. I’m more of a road cyclist these days, and Boulder seems cold in the winter (and windy, and…)

The other option is to go where family is. This is likely going to happen a lot more in the coming months if Congress and state legislatures don’t halt the eviction crisis. People with large extended families and/or familial wealth have better options here, geographically. Let’s head to the family pad in Cape Cod, or Aspen, or other prime vacation destination! Not an option for me, either. There’s just one family home, and it’s in suburban New Jersey. Or else it’s with the girlfriend in Minnesota (a fantastic option that I embrace!).

None of my alternative options feel satisfying. There aren’t any communities to look forward to! How I wish there were some intentional community, in control of its own real estate, with a unifying force strong enough to create a viral Green Zone. Then we would be able to have the simple pleasures of company and fraternity again. Man, maybe I miss college already.