Week Notes: August 9, 2020

The long game

“One of the best things you can do to your life is serendipity-maxing. Just increase your exposure to potential fortunate events (this basically means increasing your exposure to other people, since in our day and age most fortune flows from interpersonal connections)

There’s an insane focus on hard work and self-improvement in our culture which covers up the huge role dumb luck plays in daily life

Ask boomers, odds are they met their spouse and even got jobs by dumb luck

You can’t max luck, but you can max the # of dice throws you get

Just go to a cafe and drink a coffee and stay there for an hour each day

You have a very limited, known downside while the potential upside is huge and practically only limited by the boundaries of the possible and plausible

Just don’t expect immediate results, it’s a long game

“But you’ll spend $600 a year if you do that every day” well that ain’t jack shit, you’re not going to save your way to riches, and you could do this for decades and still come out way on top if you have just one lucky day where you meet your spouse or future business partner etc” – @acczibit, August 6th, 2020

Wisdom. I’ll miss the three months of random encounters that I never got with my senior-year roommates for a long time. Serendipity is hard to come by now, when every walk into the world requires avoiding people. I also want to add that the process of steadily putting yourself out there by being present is how friendships and communities are built. The benefits of connection are exponential. We miss the homies.